Timothy Daniel

Looking for opportunities in the Oslo, Norway area.

My skillsets


Acquired through my mandates as local and international coordinator of an IT team in a European student non-profit, during which I was in charge of a group of around fifty team members working on software solutions used by 13 500 volunteers throughout Europe.

Software development

Having studied programming, database development, networking and software quality, and applied those skills in a variety of professional settings and personal projects.


Developed through master courses and personal tinkering, giving me a broader perspective.

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RecommendationsVia LinkedIn

Timothy was a very organized chair of the IT committee. He introduced whole range of new tools to manage the committee and improved its HR processes and external representation. Definitely a good manager with in-depth understanding of IT.

Adam Farnik - Erasmus Student Network -

As the chairman of the IT committee Timothy has been working a lot with strengthening the human resources and structuring the work of the committee. He has proven leadership skills and (without knowing too much about IT myself) found IT related solutions on conferences and worked on the IT side of the projects of ESN AISBL. Timothy is a great co-worker and it has been a pleasure to see his involvement grow during the years.

Jennifer Carlsson - Erasmus Student Network -

Timothy has worked with great commitment and a high level of ambition. He works independently and results-oriented and has delivered a fine product to the administration. When he now has finished the work, I want to give him our very best recommendations.

Caroline Ahrgren - Lessebo Kommun -

I worked with Timothy for over one year in a student organization at the university. His motivation to improve the organization and his progressive ideas impressed me immediately, and as we continued working together I became to respect his ambitions and work ethic. He never left anything unfinished, and didn't let others slip behind on their duties. He has passion and dedication to the work he does and adds a humor and uniqueness to his projects. I highly recommend Timothy for a position in any company.

Amber Rousse - Växjö International Students -

Timothy has in a brilliant way created technology/computer system solutions that makes the association work easier and more efficient for the VIS board. More important, in times of problems or necessary adjustments, Timothy always took time to help as the great collegue he was. We worked together in the VIS board during 6 month in 2014 and he is a person to count on. However also from an outside perspective, as a regular member, I have seen Timothy do great things for VIS and ESN.

Ulrika Erhenstråhle - Växjö International Students -

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